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Pack Up A Suitcase, Get Ready To Go

May 9, 2011

It’s Moving Day! 😀 Snow After Fire is heading over to Blogger!

I’ve loved being here on WordPress. It was the perfect place to take my first steps into the blogging world, and I will miss this little blog! 😉 However, I’m so excited for the new opportunities that Blogger offers, and I’m looking forward to a fresh start.

 So goodbye, WordPress…it was fun!

Snow After Fire can now be found here. I hope you’ll come on over! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2011

Yes, this is late. But there’s five minutes left till midnight. 😛 And I didn’t want to let this day slip by without wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms and grandmas that bless us and our lives so richly. Especially my lovely mother, with her generous heart, her hardworking spirit, her wit, her fashion sense, and her love of Jane Austen. 😉 She has taught me so much, and I am completely grateful for all the moments she chooses to love us, day in and day out. I love you, Mom! 🙂

Also, I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently–I’ve been busy working on Snow After Fire: the Blogger version. 😀 It’s nearly ready, so a move will be coming soon!

A Chance to Die

March 21, 2011

One day, something was said to a woman which almost drew from her a flashing, angry remark. But at that moment, a word was spoken to her inwardly: “See in this, a chance to die.”

And though spoken inwardly, it was far more clearly heard than many a word addressed to the outward ear.

“See in this”–this provoking, this rebuke that should not have been–“a chance to die.” To self, and the pride that comes from defending self.

“See in anything”–anything that rouses you to claim your “rights”, or even to consider them at all–“a chance to die.”

Welcome anything that calls you to your only true position: “I have been crucified with Christ…” (Galations 2:20).

A crucified life cannot be self-assertive. It cannot protect itself. It cannot be startled into resentful words. The cup that is full of sweet water cannot spill bitter-tasting drops, however sharply it is knocked.

~~ Amy Carmichael, taken from I Come Quietly To Meet You

‘Cause I feel like such an insomniac…

March 21, 2011


~~ why hello, long-suffering little blog of mine. life came in and you got left. again. and now, starting back up feels a bit clunky…rather like that awkward phone call with someone you used to be great friends with and haven’t seen in too long.

~~ velvety-soft terrycloth pj pants are a wonderful thing.

~~ i’ve been living with this as my constant soundtrack.

~~ have you ever noticed how precious the sound of someone you love breathing is?

~~ only at 3 in the morning is it acceptable to be ignoring capitalization. in fact, it’s not only acceptable, it’s impossible to do otherwise.

~~ although the occasional random, incoherent post is rather fun, being awake at 3 in the morning is an adventure i’d really rather not have.

~~ the british officially win at writing dry, self-deprecating, laugh out loud humor. why can’t we all have a butler named jeeves?

~~ “laugh out loud” is a bad idea when everyone’s asleep and your bedroom door is open.

~~ there’s a certain naked honesty to the world at night; sleeping trees, shadowy streets. waiting, simply and hopefully, for the light. and yet  the dark has to be admitted, acknowledged, before the light comes.

~~ what would a place called “port blue” look like?

~~ i’m thinking about moving to Blogger. it just seems easier and more personal than wordpress. any input?

30 Days of Joy–Day 3!

January 27, 2011


Cerulean blue! Cerulean is beckoning oceans, an endless sky that you can somehow almost touch, and Owl City music. Cerulean is the color of summer! 🙂

30 Days of Joy–Day 2!

January 25, 2011

Laminin is a molecular protein in the human body. Otherwise known as a glycoprotein, it has the ability to form chains and attach to cell fibers. Laminin is responsible for the structure of nearly every tissue and organ in the human body. Basically, laminin is the “superglue” that holds every single cell in your body together.

And what does this microscopic, priceless “glue” look like?

It looks like a cross.

Whether this is a specific “message” to us or not, you can decide. I do believe that there are no coincidences with the Creator. And I think this is a tiny, stunning reminder that we follow an absolutely amazing God. 🙂

30 Days of Joy

January 24, 2011

Welcome to 30 Days of Joy! 🙂

This is something I’m borrowing that a good friend did on Facebook. Each day, for the length of a month, I will be posting a picture of something that brings me joy.

 So many of the resolutions I made for this new year involved responsibility, obedience, faithfulness, and a good dose of growing up. All of those things are good and necessary. But my friend’s beautiful FB posts have made me realize the importance of starting out 2011 with fresh joy. Of stopping for a moment and taking notice of the “God-whispers”, the blessing both big and small, that make life so very lovely. And if I do nothing in 2011 except learn to rejoice in Him and His goodness more fully, that will be a year well spent. 🙂

So without further ado, Day 1!

(Image by rich70)

Sunshine! 😀 I lived nearly all my life in a place where the sun shines 300 days a year. And then we moved to one of the most non-sunny areas in the country. I woke up this morning to bright, golden sunshine pouring in my window after two straight weeks of grey days, and I felt on top of the world. I never realized before our move what a precious gift a sunny day is!